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About Us

The Islar Group believes in the power of transparency to hold ourselves and others accountable for continuous progress. We rely on our principles to guide how we interact with each other, our clients, the communities in which we operate, and all of our other stakeholders. That's why we take emotional ownership of how we do business and that's why we are passionate about our financial performance. We are an innovative provider of investment advisory and risk management solutions.

Our Expertise

We work collaboratively to create the best outcomes for our clients, our firm, and the communities where we operate.

  • A diverse workforce makes us indispensable to creativity and success. It's how we answer the biggest questions and solve the toughest problems.

  • Through an inclusive, equitable environment we thrive. It enables us to draw on expertise and unique experiences from across the firm and bring out the best in each other.

Our Philosophy

We are relentless about finding better ways to serve our clients and improve our firm. Since our founding, innovation has been at the center of how we deliver performance and stay ahead of our clients' needs.

  • We act to continually reinvent our company to help people achieve their goals.

  • We act as lifelong students - of markets, of technology, and of the world. 

Our Commitment to Results

The people we serve entrust us to help them prepare for the future. Our culture is defined by the deep sense of responsibility we feel to our clients and to each other.

  • In everything we do - from the investment performance we deliver to the technology we develop - we are emotionally invested in our clients' futures.

  • We are equally invested in the success of our firm and our colleagues. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Experience

We are long-term thinkers, focused on helping people build a better tomorrow. We are deeply invested in the success of all of our stakeholders - our clients, our employees, our shareholders, and the communities where we operate - and we run our business sustainably and responsibly.

  • At the companies we invest in for our clients, we advocate for sustainable and responsible business practices that drive long-term value.

  • The Islar Group always strive to serve more people, and to find new and innovative ways to help them achieve financial well-being.

The Team

Each investor has a different story to tell and we as steadfast partners listen to everyone of them. Through the power of big data, data science, and deep human expertise, our team systematically innovate and modernize the way we do things to unlock new ways to seek consistent portfolio outcomes amidst a world of unpredictable stability.

Deborah Lynch

Senior Consultant

Deborah Lynch, Senior Consultant, is responsible for leading the stewardship team and all its activities as it engages with our current and future partners to  promote effective governance and create long-term value four our clients and stakeholders. She holds an MBA from Northwestern University.

Phone: 123-456-7890

Christopher Burney

Senior Consultant

Christopher Burney, Senior Consultant, is directly responsible for the alternative's strategy and the delivery of the company's real investment capabilities across portfolio diversification. He chairs the Executive Committee to determine the overall strategy of our alternatives, which includes sovereign and foreign assets. He is a Global Finance graduate of the University College Dublin.

Phone: 123-456-7890

Theresa Metz 

Senior Consultant

Theresa Metz, Senior Consultant, leads the teams responsible for delivering the market quality and investment integrity of our company's index funds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. An Economics and Finance graduate of the University of Pennsylvania she serves as a member of our company's Global Executive Team. 

Phone: 123-456-7890

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